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The Girls' Hangzhou Weekend

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on the ferry to 三潭印月- jiaxin, yuhong, janice, yingsi, adeline, prisc, gwen, and ME, the photographer heh.
the 4 girls who tried jumping together but failed. :/
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the best take... (jiaxin ALREADY landed AS USUAL, while the rest jumped up neatly!)
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my fav shot of the girls

i REALLY enjoyed hangzhou becos the people here are TOTALLY different frm shanghainese. All of them displayed warmness and helpfulness. I could see the pride in their eyes when they recommended us places to go when we were lost. Their willingness to help went way beyond jus pointing directions. They criticised and arranged
our itenary for us, suggested better places, and taught us the easiest way to get to each place.
All the sellers were well natured, patient and helpful. We were not scolded when we didn't buy after browsing. After all these blogging, i feel like goign bck there! *pouts