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Feb. 9th, 2007



4 Live, Friday Night

We are featured on Chivas! hahaha. come hurry vote for ourselves! :D

anyway, 甜蜜的孩子 was really great. their songs can be found

favourite song: "飞" :)

甜蜜的孩子 Live

Feb. 7th, 2007



Qi Pu Road with Daph n Min

The cheapest stuff u can find is at here. It's a wholeseller market thus they close at 5pm everyday. Make sure you're there early!


I have Cheena Pok Face

For the past 3 weeks, whenever i'm alone, EVERY stranger will talk to me in Shanghainese. The cashier mumbling the bill to me, security guard answering my querie (i asked in mandarin n he answered in dialect?), strangerS asking for directions etc etc. AND i will feel like an idiot cos i will just stare at them blankly, sometimes unsure whether they are talking to me.

Sometimes I wish i can understand Shanghainese, but my stupid colleague, Johnson, said i need to pay him for him to teach me the dialect. *Abish!
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The Guy Who Sits Next to Me, Johnson, and Janice, fellow intern, ex-SNGS girl!

oh and what a 倒霉 day... my atm card got swallowed in the atm machine because I forgot to take it out last night. :O I spent the whole morning getting it out (went to the bank and stuff), but they asked me to wait 4 days more. :( IT FEELS AS IF MY DADDY DISCONTINUED MY CREDIT CARD!(whines like a rich brat)

Feb. 6th, 2007




still photos around my area... :)

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The Shanghai's Esplanad 上海东方艺术中心, which looks like a butterfly from above

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The typical one child happy family

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kite sellers at 世纪广场 on weekends

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Now you know how cultured they are...


Temperature: 22 Celcius

Past two days have been HOT. Weather nowadays are getting bonkers. :/

Last sunday I went for my first run. Feeling the sun on my face and the cool wind brushing past, i was glad tht i perspired (how long has tht been?), yet not feeling sticky. I think I will continue to work out in wintertime. :)

attended my first piano lesson! after communication with my tutor, am satisfied she knows what i wana achieve in this semester. i'm completely excited that it's back to basics, which i barely remembered learning when i was 6...7! :)

After lessons I had a long chat with 伍老师, a 61-year-old retiree who teaches little kids piano after being a teacher in a school for 30 over years. There was pride in her eyes when she told me she successfully nurtured her son to be a pianist and he's studying music in German now. She is such an inspire to me because she is WHO I wana be when I get old, to age gracefully like her and to be able to do what she love for the rest of her life...

had a cup of milk and a muffin at a coffee place nxt door after tht. Chose the outdoors and enjoyed the sun.

If everyday is a Sunday... :)

Feb. 5th, 2007



My MACAU, Portugese Style Dinner

at 南京东路步行街 :)

Portuguese Chicken : Non-spicy curry with ye2jiang1, (cheese?), la4chang2, boiled egg, potato, black olives and onions. 4 stars

braised pig neck: lean meat that's chewy and tastes like ham! 4 stars

Portuguese Eggtart! what can i say...4 stars

MACAU Ice Nai3Cha2: thick and tasty 5 stars

after sharing with Min and Ade, I paid RMB28 (S$5.60) in total. :)



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Moving out from my Old House
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To my New Apartment
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Janice's Bd. I said I will leave first and YuHong said she had to OT. THen both of us sneaked out to get Janice a piece of strawberry cheesecake as she disappointingly waited for YuHong to finish work. We successfully gave her a surprise. :)

Jan. 31st, 2007


Photos in Chronological Order

IMAX Day- the Shanghai Science & Tech Meseum (near my house!)
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世纪公园 Century Park (near my house!)
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Overnight KTV at 阳光天堂 nightclub
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Min and zhizhong's bd celebration (in the old small house)

Sg VS M'sia Match, Long Bar (look at how red they are! )

Jan. 30th, 2007


Jason, my supervisor is back!

He brought back mei zhen xiang prawn rolls and pineapple tarts. *eats non stop and sobs

After putting down the presents, he went off again. :/

*still got nothing to do!

Jan. 29th, 2007


my super long weekend

supervisor is away, so i took Fri and Monday off! woohoo

Thu night was bd celebration for Janice and then MOVE HOUSE!!

i am in love with my house and my neighbourhood :))

Fri was cleaning and unpacking

Sat was dinner at a restaurant for expensive Singapore Cuisine- Hainanese Chicken Rice!! *yums. Then, we were cheering our lungs off at Long Bar for the Singapore vs Malaysia Semifinals. I was the only one cheering for Malaysia and the rest were in high spirit with red shirts. We made frens with other Singaporeans working there too! The guys are meeting up for Finals this sat and soccer :/ *boo Singapore Team!

Sun was out to collect air tickets to Beijing and Tianjin during CNY Hols. (i have one week off ;) and then dinner at Alicia's place! We bought really cheap red wine (rmb10!) and it indeed tasted like shit :/ Alicia and Evelyn's soup was HOMELY and HEAVENLY. The peeps are coming to my house for reunion dinner woohoo :)

Monday was a nice walk to Thumbs plaza for breakfast, and all you can eat Sushi buffet ( I had ALOT of sashimi) under our old house for rmb30 (S$6). Man we can nv find cheap food around our current living expatriate area. I was so full i did not eat dinner. :)
However I ate a freaking small potato for rmb2! (UP is 80cts.. wtf. i'm NOT going to eat frm street stalls again!!) why do cheena ppl keep wanting to take advantage of us?? >:(

When we got back, I kicked off my boots and ran to the salon for haircut in slippers! :D (in -2 celcius!) The poster says 28 bucks for haircut, wash and dry, BUT the moment me and min went in, they were so persuasive I did my hair treatment+cut,wash,dry & 45 min of massage frm cute guy for rmb200!
min who wana do cut wash dry for rmb28 too, permed her hair and gave away rmb150. :(

Finally had time to explore the neighbourhood myself. Expensive shops aside, it is such a lovely lovely place I'm falling in love with it.

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